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Classes for Kids

Aikido for Kids - Of Love and Yoga

Aikido for Kids

Aikido is a contemporary Japanese martial art that prioritises control and harmony over force. It focuses on neutralising an attacker by using circular movements, leverage, and joint locks.

Aikido provides a fun and challenging workout that encourages children to be physically active and healthy. It is a great way to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility, and to develop discipline, focus, and self-confidence.

Ballet Class for Kids - Of Love and Yoga


Our Ballet classes are the perfect opportunity to develop grace, discipline and a strong and healthy body, in a really fun way.

Ballet is first and foremost, an art form. Our students will learn to creatively express themselves to the sound of music. They may even discover a love for the creative art of choreography.

Dance Fit Kids Class - Of Love and Yoga

Dance Fit for Children

Dancing is a great way for children to celebrate movement. It increases muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness, improves their balance and spatial awareness leading to better coordination, agility and flexibility.

Dancing also helps children become more self-confident, improving their social skills and general wellbeing.

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness - Of Love and Yoga

Kids’ Yoga & Mindfulness

School going kids can benefit enormously from taking yoga and mindfulness classes. Practicing regularly helps to relieve anxiety as well as mental and physical fatigue, improving children’s emotional regulation and reducing impulsivity.

Yoga is a wonderful way for children to strengthen and lengthen their muscles, develop awareness of body, mind and breath, build attention span and concentration power, and boost self-esteem.


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