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Welcome to Of Love & Yoga Studio. We bring you joy and relaxation through a wide range of practices such as Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, Pilates, Dance and much more. Join us for day retreats, talks, cultural events and meeting groups, and be part of our friendly and vibrant community dedicated to self-discovery and personal growth.

Of Love and Yoga Classes

We offer a wide range of both dinamic and gentle classes, for all levels of practice, from absolute beginners to regular practitioners.

Of Love & Yoga offers a variety of weekend workshops and courses to help you learn new skills and improve your wellbeing.

We host cultural events, musical evenings, community celebrations, talks and much more. Visit our Spaces and book your special event.

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We have several practice and event rooms. All have beautiful large windows, plenty of natural light and high ceilings that will bring you a sense of spaciousness and joy.

Whether you are looking for a more intimate experience to share only with close friends, or you are looking to practice in a bigger group, we have you covered. Have a look through our gallery to familiarise yourself with our studio.

Should you wish to book one of our spaces for a special occasion, a course, or an event, explore our Event Spaces page.


You will have the opportunity to explore our carefully curated shop. From top quality yoga mats and accessories, athletic wear and the delightful fragrances of candles and essential oils, to the unique designs of Amaru jewelry.


Our Studio is 5 minutes walk from Soseaua Nordului and Herastrau Park, at no. 49-57 Grigore Gafencu Street.

We are behind the main road, with the entrance located in the internal courtyard of the Gafencu Residence building, on the ground floor.

Caterina - Of Love and Yoga

Meet Caterina, our Founder

Caterina is a Hatha Yoga teacher (200h RYT), certified by Yoga Academy Romania & Yoga Alliance US. She teaches in both Romanian and English. Before discovering yoga, Caterina worked in Finance and Fashion. Understanding the difficulties of a fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle, Caterina offers much needed peace of mind and relaxation through her Hatha Yoga classes, both in person and online.

Join Cat for group classes, or request a one-on-one session should this better suit your needs.

My yoga journey...

“My yoga journey began in 2014, when I first walked into a studio in search of some much-needed peace and emotional support. What I found was so much more than a place to practice asanas (yoga postures). I discovered a world that was kind and accepting. Where I was able to connect with myself, as well as with a community of diverse individuals, who shared my interests in spirituality and personal growth.

Through my personal practice, I have come to know and appreciate myself for who I am, not only on my good days. I have grown in all aspects of my life, and have been able to make more conscious decisions, that are aligned with my purpose and deepest wishes in life. This has brought me to my mat, not only to learn but also to teach. I wish to share my life lessons as well as my experience of yoga with my students, to support them in creating a beautiful and authentic life for themselves.

Through yoga and meditation, we are able to turn inward and find a safe place where we can connect with our source of life, our creativity, our innermost being, our truth. When there is a deep connection to the body, when the mind is serene, the experience becomes spiritual. All fears melt away, and are replaced by a deep sense of gratitude and peace, a deep sense of who we truly are as spiritual beings.”

Why Yoga?

There are many reasons why I love yoga. I wanted to share some of them here for those of you looking to discover the beauty of this ancient practice:

Yoga is personal. It is an opportunity to know yourself on a deeper level. And while the yoga teacher is your guide, a good teacher will show you how to hear the whispers of your own heart. 

You create your very own experience according to the intention you bring to your practice. 

Yoga soothes the mind and body and is incredibly healing, whatever you may be going through. It teaches you how to access the resources you have within yourself.

Studio classes provide a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. The yoga community is friendly, open-hearted, and supportive of each other. 

Practicing yoga brings more strength and flexibility to your life, both on and off the mat. It helps you to feel grounded so that you may experience the fullness of an open heart and find more balance in your life. 

Yoga requires nothing of you. You don’t have to feel your best to step onto the mat. There is no requirement of age, beauty, height, weight, strength, flexibility, level of fitness or other limitations. Yoga is like a patient friend that is always there for you, ready to offer support. Come as you are and see what happens. It may surprise you. There is wisdom in both joy and sorrow, there is beauty in every moment of life, waiting to be discovered.


Whether you just want to unwind or feel more energized, whether you want to improve or just accept yourself, whether you’re already passionate about yoga or just curious about it, no matter where you are in your life journey, this is the place for you.

Caterina is a wonderful teacher who radiates warmth, empathy and gentleness that allows you to trust completely. To trust, let go and just let the experience enfold and unfold you. I cannot recommend it enough.

Lorelei Caraman

Caterina’s classes totally earned my heart. The music is divine and the teacher gives you a certain calm, which brings almost instant relaxation. I feel like this is the place where one can find balance between mind, body and spirit. I am looking forward to the next sessions.

Cătălina Neamțu


49-57 Grigore Gafencu, Ground Floor, Sector 1, Bucharest



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